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21 ministries and commissions issued: the pharmaceutical industry in the next 3 years


21 ministries and commissions issued a document, and the pharmaceutical industry will display all the pictures in the next three years.

▍10 key projects, releasing a chance

On September 29, the official website of the National Development and Reform Commission announced the Action Plan for Promoting the High-quality Development of Health Industry (2019-2022) jointly formulated by the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Medical Insurance Bureau, the Ministry of Finance, and the Health and Welfare Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Outline). 》).

According to the deployment, in the next three years, around the health industry, the construction of 10 major projects will have a chance to be released.

The trend is obvious, and vigorously promote drug innovation

The 10 key projects in the key areas of the "Outline" plan include: promoting the innovation of medicines and medical devices. Priority review and approval of new and urgently needed drugs for clinical use. Continue to promote the consistency evaluation of the quality and efficacy of generic drugs, improve the standards and guidelines for the review of generic drug technology, issue a list of encouraged imitation products, and guide enterprises to make reasonable research and development declarations.

Develop online prescriptions, third-party distribution, and a large number of drug dealer transformation opportunities

The "Outline" shows that the Ministry of Commerce, the State Health Care Commission, and the State Food and Drug Administration will be responsible for establishing a cooperation platform for pharmaceutical circulation enterprises, medical institutions, and e-commerce enterprises.

Establish channels for Internet medical treatment prescription information and drug retail consumption information to be interconnected and shared in real time, and support third-party distribution of prescription drugs online. Accelerate the development of pharmaceutical e-commerce, and provide services such as “net-order (pharmaceutical) store acquisition” and “net-order (medicine) store delivery”.

Expanding the number of doctors in the society and encouraging doctors to work full-time and part-time clinics

21 ministries and commissions documents support the expansion of quality medical institutions. Support qualified high-level private hospitals to run doctors across regions, and extend to the grassroots level to achieve branding and group development.

Conduct clinic reform pilots, simplify clinic admission procedures, improve basic clinic standards, record clinic management, and encourage physicians to hold clinics full-time or part-time.

Support the deep development of Chinese medicine

The "Outline" said that it supports the cooperation of Chinese medical research institutions, Chinese medical institutions and enterprises in transforming the results of Chinese medicine research, accelerating the commercialization of Chinese medicine health management products and Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment equipment. Establish a database of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge, a list of protection, and a protection system. Support the development of rehabilitation hospitals and rehabilitation departments with outstanding characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and develop and apply modernized Chinese medicine rehabilitation techniques.

Strengthening integrity, a penalty for public disclosure nationwide

The "Outline" clearly needs to strengthen the governance of integrity. Information such as administrative licenses, administrative penalties, and random inspection results of medical and health care, pharmaceuticals, and medical device industries will be incorporated into the national credit information sharing platform, and information concerning enterprises will be pushed to the national enterprise credit information publicity system and publicized according to law.

Establish a blacklist system for the medical and pharmaceutical circulation industry in accordance with the law. In-depth development of special treatment of unscrupulous behaviors such as unlicensed medical practice and fraudulent fraud, and continued to increase the crackdown on false illegal medical advertisements.

In addition, key projects include projects such as the Health Industry Talent Enhancement Project and the Health Industry Business Environment Optimization Project.

▍ Industry upgrade, dividends have been presented

The health industry has a wide range of industries, a long industrial chain and a high degree of integration. Vigorously developing a healthy industry is an important task in implementing a healthy China strategy and safeguarding and safeguarding the health of the people. It is not only necessary to improve people's livelihood, but also to build a modern economic system.

From the planning point of view, many ministries and commissions fully protect the development of the health industry, and solve the short-term weaknesses such as low technological content, inadequate cross-border integration, lagging health insurance development, shortage of talent factors, and lack of business environment and industry supervision.

There is no doubt that the health industry is an important link in the economic system. The country is determined to promote industrial upgrading and development. There will be many opportunities to be released. It is natural to follow the direction of reform and grasp the future trend to promote the development of the industry. Seize the reform dividend.