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1.25 billion, consumables supply and distribution are packaged


5 years, a budget of 1.25 billion yuan! The supply and distribution of medicines and consumables in public hospitals in the city are packaged!

Recently, the Announcement of the Tendering of Drugs, Medical Consumables and Chinese Medicine Distributors of the Anning Medical Community was released.

This tender is for the supply and distribution of medicines, medical consumables and Chinese medicines of the medical community of Anning City. The service period is 5 years and the budget amount is 250 million yuan/year. According to the requirements of the tenderee, the batch is delivered in batches, and the contract is signed once a year.

It is worth noting that this tender does not require subcontracting, that is to say, it is a packaged tendering and distribution supplier.

The Anning Medical Community is currently led by three municipal-level public hospitals, including Yunnan Kunming Steel Hospital, Municipal People's Hospital and Municipal Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. It is composed of public medical institutions in Anning City. The annual purchasing budget of 250 million consumables and medicines is absolutely not small!

Not only in Anning City, but Shanxi Jixian Medical Group announced the "Tender Notice for the Selection of Medical Supplies Distribution Enterprises".

There are currently 119 health institutions and clinics in Ji County, including 6 county-level hospitals, 8 township health centers, 79 village-level health clinics, and 26 clinics. The medical group, which consists of 119 medical institutions, distributes all medical consumables in the group and selects only eight distributors.

From the "Announcement" qualification requirements for bidding and distribution enterprises, the comprehensive strengths such as distribution capacity, registered capital strength, professional service personnel structure, delivery service quality, corporate reputation, ability to achieve two-vote system and performance of contract are important. Into the conditions.

The procurement model under the close medical association has changed dramatically, and the dealer strangle begins!

In August, the National Health and Health Commission issued two articles in succession, and identified a list of 567 counties in the county's tight medical community construction pilot counties and 118 cities for the construction of pilot cities for medical associations.

A medical association and a county medical institution shall realize the integrated management of personnel allocation rights, management rights and asset use rights, and establish a unified drug consumables management platform to realize unified distribution and settlement of payment for pharmaceutical consumables. This means that the construction of the urban medical association and the county medical community has entered the stage of construction of a close medical association!

567 counties and 118 cities are the first to go. The city medical association and the county medical community must realize the unified procurement, unified payment, and unified distribution of drug consumables. This means that the city medical association and the county medical community The medical institutions will be subordinate, from the transfer of management operations to the loss or weakening of self-purchasing options will become inevitable!

This will also directly lead to the city medical association and the county medical community to use the larger volume to implement "joint bargaining". For a large number of consumables manufacturers and agents, it means that they must all lower the price, or they will get the bureau. !

On the other hand, the unified distribution of the city medical association and the county medical community, the unified settlement of payment, means that the settlement of the payment may be more timely, on the other hand, it means that the original distributor will face a new round of screening and Elimination, the distribution relationship ushered in a new shuffle!

In addition, at the end of May, the National Medical Insurance Bureau officially confirmed that 30 cities should pilot DRG. The focus of the DRG pilot is to internalize medicines and consumables into hospital operating costs through packaged charges, and finally realize the closed loop of payment. As a result, under the incentives and constraints of the new medical insurance payment mechanism, the hospital will naturally generate the initiative to reduce the purchase price of drug consumables and control the cost of medical care. The reform will also break the balance between pharmaceutical machinery companies, pharmaceutical agents, hospitals and patients in the supply of pharmaceutical consumables, and it will be possible to reshape the entire supply chain of pharmaceutical consumables.

How to minimize the procurement cost of equipment, medicines, logistics costs, and storage management costs?

Such as the Anning Medical Community, Jixian Medical Group's close medical association, integrated centralized distribution, packaged to one or several distribution companies, so that after-sales settlement, zero inventory management and refined management will become a major trend . What DRG really wants is the life of millions of dealers.

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