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2018, the ten trends in drugstores


In 2018, there will be ten major trends in drugstores.

1. The chain rate of drugstores is higher

The higher chain rate of the drugstore has already been laid. At the beginning of this year, the office of the State Council issued several opinions on further reforming and improving the policy of drug production and circulation, pointing out that "promoting the classified management of retail pharmacies and improving the retail chain rate."

At the same time, comparison of the 2012-2016 monomer and chain drugstores the number of stores, 2012-2016 years from the single pharmacy stores the number of chain pharmacies declined year by year, the number of stores increased year by year, to 2016, the State Food and drug administration data show that the monomer and chain drugstores stores the flat chain rate reached 50%. From the point of view, the chain rate will only be higher.

2. Micro inquiry, remote trial, electronic prescription fire

Micro inquiring, remote auditing and electronic prescriptions are the first means for pharmacies to undertake the outflow of prescriptions. They have been tested in many provinces, such as Hunan, Hubei, Shandong, Guangdong and Hainan, and get better feedback. Once widespread or recognized by the public, such as the sparks of fire in 2018... .

At the same time, the local government has also introduced relevant policies to encourage them. In the recent publication of the further reform of drug production and circulation in Hunan Province, "to carry out the remote trial of pharmacists in pharmacies." In drug retail chain enterprises, registered licensed pharmacists remote and remote medicine services are carried out. After carrying out the pilot work of Internet electronic prescription, and summarizing experience, we gradually promoted the pharmaceutical services such as electronic prescriptions, pharmacist online prescription review, rational drug use guidance and so on in the drugstore of the whole province, and realized online inquiry and drugstore drug collection.

It can be seen that under the supervision of the policy, it is not difficult to make a slight inquiry, a remote trial, an electronic prescription, and so on.

3. A licensed pharmacist will be severely punished and more difficult to take evidence

"Hang card" chaos is the state's hated things, pharmacists also hang card is named mentioned. At present, whether it is the people's society or the General Administration of food and drug administration, it is resolute in the attitude of practicing pharmacists to hang their cards. Many measures are taken to prevent and punish the licensed pharmacists to hang their certificates.

A licensed pharmacist is the first person to guide the safety of the people. In addition to guiding the licensed pharmacist to enter the shop, it is to improve the practicing skill of the licensed pharmacist. How to improve? That is to be strictly checked for the textual and forensic personnel.

4, rapid layout of pharmaceutical O2O Enterprises

The pharmaceutical O2O business has risen since 2015, but after a wave of boom, a large number of enterprises die out. At present, there are two representative businesses in the market: Ding Ding Yao, fast Fang. It is understood that at present, two companies have received 300 million or 60 million of the financing, and two enterprises have begun to plan for the next step after obtaining financing. Then the expansion of two enterprises in 2018 is sure to be indispensable.

5, Medicare stores will increase in large numbers

After two years of the implementation of the agreement system, the retail pharmacies of medical insurance have become more and more violent. The data show that the four chain drugstores are constantly increasing, and they are far more than ordinary drugstores. Old people (77.9%) ranked first, as one church (77.6%), DASHENLIN (66.04%), followed by Yifeng (62.3%).

In addition, this year many health insurance also were increased, such as Shanghai in May this year increased by 100; Yunnan passed a year for 214; Nanjing in the past 15 years a total of only 648 approval, since 2016 on the new 694, more than a year of more than 15 years of growth in Guangzhou; Panyu District 8 months of the new 216 etc..

Then, a large increase in Medicare stores in 2018 will also be a trend.

6, there will be a large number of black and tech service products in the drugstore circle

With the emergence of the unmanned supermarket in Ma Yun, the unmanned drugstore will be brought to people. Of course, in order to realize the unsold medicine, it must appear the corresponding scientific and technological products.

It is understood that the Shaanxi District of Tongchuan Xinyuan new era pharmacies introduced a "Joe pharmacist" robot pharmacist, fast medicine jingle in the transformation and upgrading, also launched a new "AI+ medicine" such a big white robot jingle. Recently, the Jingdong officially launched a new unmanned cabinet. This unmanned cabinet has been tried to apply in the Jingdong internal employee purchase service.

In this way, 2018 is the best time to spread these products to a drugstore.

7. A lot of capital is quickly injected into the drugstore circle

In 2017 the capital circle is very active in the pharmacy, DASHENLIN jianzhijia issued equity listing; application; total health billion to obtain financing immediately after the injection of the Sichuan 5 chain pharmacies. With the intervention of capital, every chain drugstore will develop rapidly in 2018. If other drugstores want to keep pace with them, they will also need capital. Attracting foreign capital will also become a need for the development of drugstores.

8, the combination of Chinese and Western drugstores will be much more

With the great popularity of Chinese medicine in the domestic and foreign markets, the Chinese Medicine Museum has also ushered in a new upsurge. Recently, people's large drugstore chain Limited by Share Ltd has been recruiting a lot of Chinese and Western medicine salesmen and directors of National Medicine Museum on the well-known recruitment website 51job. It is not difficult to find that people will tend to develop traditional Chinese medicine in the direction of operation. In addition, jingling drugstore is also new to launch a traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment model.

In November 15th, the State Health Planning Commission issued the Interim Measures for the record and management of traditional Chinese medicine clinics, which stipulates that the management of Chinese medicine clinics from the license management to the record management. Completely open up, open medical clinics only need to record, on the spot certificate! It is much more convenient for the drugstore to open a new mode of operation.

9. Normalization of flight inspection

"Let go, let go, let go". The biggest point of view this year is to let go of all kinds of restrictions. But these restrictions are only to reduce the cost of the drugstore and the convenience of the drugstore, but the regulation will only be more stringent. The questions brought about by opening up