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To the central enterprises, has incorporated 26 hospitals!


And one of the central enterprises to enter the medical circle, has been incorporated in 26 hospitals, 10 thousand beds can be open!

According to the enterprise financial news network, recently CITIC Securities Research Department of non silver group held a telephone meeting, invited the Far East horizon IR team conducted exchanges with investors.

The team introduced the operation of its medical sector: the acquisition of profit hospitals since 2014, up to now, 26 hospitals have been purchased, and the number of open beds is 10 thousand. The actual operation forms a small comprehensive system of nephrosis, Department of orthopedics, tumor and maternity. The acquisition of these hospitals has spent more than 1 billion of the capital.

Far east horizon is expected next year to open beds 13 thousand to achieve the goal, is the main way of epitaxial acquisitions and expansion transformation.

It is understood that the company is basically holding in the acquisition, accounting for about 60%, the remaining 40% to the original founder and core backbone. The purchase of hospitals is mainly in the three or four line city.

After the acquisition, we will introduce external high-end experts to absorb the experts from county hospitals, and provide more support to the acquired hospitals in the aspects of diagnosis and treatment equipment, basic transformation and procurement.

Far east horizon revealed that the current single bed income of about 300000, the annual target is expected to be 1 billion 900 million -20 billion. 20 thousand beds were set for the medium term target and 50 thousand beds for a long time.

In addition to the purchase of hospitals, the Far East Hongxin also won 284 million Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong dollars in October 25th to receive 43 million 590 thousand shares of Kang Chen pharmaceutical industry, accounting for 5% of the expansion of the stock.

Because the business of Kang Chen pharmaceutical is mainly in the hospital, especially in the field of nephrotic Department of orthopedics, there are 26 hospitals that Ento Hiroshinobu acquired, and more than 2800 of its financial leasing customer hospitals. It is possible to access more resources for Kang Chen.

According to the Far East horizon in the first half of 2017, its revenue was 8 billion 972 million yuan, an increase of 23.23%. As of June 30th this year, the company's assets were 197 billion yuan, up 18.27% from the beginning of the year.

It is understood that far east Hongxin is a large volume of central enterprises financial company. It has been established for more than 20 years, and has carried out financial, investment, trade, consulting and engineering operation services in many basic fields such as health, education, construction, electronic information and so on.

Far east horizon medical systems division, formally established in December 2003, mainly to provide financing and leasing business for the hospital, and then expand the hospital project management consulting, trade, investment and other business operations, in 2013 to set up medical investment company in Shanghai, to invest in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, planning new way to enter the medical field. In 2015, the company officially upgraded to "Far East horizon health group".

In addition to Ento Hiroshinobu, the Jingdong is now marching into the medical field and starting a hospital. Previously, including Wanda, Hengda and other well-known enterprises, have announced a big move into the medical and health industry.