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The implementation of the two ticket scheme in Guangdong began to be implemented in December 2nd


The implementation scheme of Guangdong Provincial Department of human resources and social, health and Family Planning Commission, food and Drug Administration and other 8 ministries jointly issued the "Guangdong province human resources and Social Security Bureau and other eight departments on the issuance of medical transaction system of" two votes "(Trial) Notice" clearly, Guangdong two ticket system will be implemented on December 2, 2017. The validity period of 3 years, a transitional period of 6 months.

All over the city, including the human resources and Social Security Bureau, the health and Family Planning Bureau, the food and drug administration, the development and Reform Bureau, the competent department of economic and information technology, the competent business department and the State Tax Bureau.

To implement the "Medical Reform Office of the State Council issued on the implementation of" two votes "of the implementation of the views of the public medical institutions in drug procurement (Trial) Notice" (China's health care reform office issued 2016 No. 4), "the general office of the State Council on further reform and improve the drug production and circulation use policy opinions" issued by the State Council (2017 No. 13), "the Guangdong Provincial People's Government on the issuance of the Guangdong provincial comprehensive deepening medical and health system reform implementation plan of the notice" (yue fu 2017 No. 32) spirit of the document and the "Guangdong provincial health and Family Planning Commission and other nine departments on the issuance of Guangdong Province medical trading Interim Measures notice" (Wei Yue 2016 No. 75) the relevant provisions of the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission, the provincial food and drug administration, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial economic and The eight departments of the information committee, the provincial commerce department, the provincial tax bureau and the provincial Chinese medicine bureau jointly formulated the implementation plan of the "two vote system" for drug exchange in medical institutions (Trial Implementation), which is now printed and sent to you. Please earnestly implement it.


1. Overall objectives

In accordance with the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the provincial government on deepening medical and health system reform policies and arrangements, to implement the "two votes" as the starting point, to further deepen the reform in the field of drug circulation, purifying the circulation environment, standardize the order of drug distribution, reduce intermediate links and straighten out the price of drugs, "Guopiao against money laundering and other drugs' purchase" illegal activities, strengthen the supervision and management of the pharmaceutical market, ensure drug safety for the people.

Two. Scope of implementation

All public medical institutions in the province have a "two - ticket" system. The private medical institutions should be encouraged to implement the "two ticket system" in the drug purchase.

In order to cope with natural disasters, major epidemics, major emergencies and emergency, rescue and other special situations, emergency procurement drugs or national drug reserve drugs can be dealt with specially. The circulation management of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, medical radiopharmaceuticals, and medical toxic drugs under special administration in the state is still carried out according to the existing regulations of the state.

Three, the definition of "two ticket system"

(1) "two ticket system" means that a drug production enterprise opens an invoice to a drug circulation enterprise, and the drug circulation enterprise opens the invoice to a medical institution once. Invoice means the special invoices of VAT or VAT ordinary invoices issued in accordance with the relevant regulations of the invoice management.

(two) a wholly owned or holding commercial company (only 1 commercial companies) that only sells the drugs of the enterprise (Group) is regarded as a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

(three) drug marketing license holders, if do not have the drug business qualification, commissioned the production of the drug by the food and Drug Administration approved the production enterprise to sell drugs or drug only commissioned the production of pharmaceutical production enterprises, the other 1 principal drug distribution enterprises to sell drugs, and commissioned the production enterprises and the purchase and sale of drugs does not occur between listed licensors and entrusted drug circulation enterprises, the entrusted enterprise (the only 1 companies) as a pharmaceutical production enterprise.

(four) the domestic general agent of foreign drugs is considered as a drug production enterprise (the country is limited to 1 domestic agents).

(five) the allocation of drugs between the internal and the wholly owned (holding) subsidiaries in the drug circulation group can not be regarded as one ticket, but the maximum amount of invoices is allowed.

(six) nearly three years of comprehensive drug distribution, basic medical and health institutions at the same time to comply with the special remote and inaccessible conditions (excluding the city health service center, the same below) and distribution of drugs, allowing the drug circulation enterprises in the system of "two votes" on the basis of another drug purchase invoices. The list of basic medical and health institutions in accordance with the conditions is open to the society by the drug trading institutions and is subject to social supervision.

Four. Relevant regulations

(1) commitment and contract agreement.

I participate in the public medical institutions drug trade in pharmaceutical producing enterprises, distribution enterprises and medical institutions shall be in the drug trade platform for commitment to "two votes" rejection, not promised I shall not participate in the public medical institutions drug procurement transactions; the new deal after the implementation of this program of drugs, parties must sign the implementation of "two votes" the relevant provisions of the drug